Monday, August 13, 2007

"Rumor travels faster, but it don't stay put as long as truth"

this ma letter to u mah fucka ! who u callin a hoe ? u got no money while i'm makin ma dough...walkin round like u know u know u know wat i'm about ta do ? u think u psychic ? u some freak with no magic stick!callin me typical...oh boi tats wat if i look like trash...the world's bout cashh..u got em blings...i'm in fo em rimps with those fly wings...yo blings aint even wats da big deal ?? bragging bout ur aint even the worth of ma pantiess...its all fake...who u tryina hate ? i'm the shitt...the bitch ur mama warned u aboutt...watcha starrin at suckkaaa ?? game's ova !!

it'll be funny watchin ppl copy this coz i wrote it on ma own..a lil dumb i know...but hey aint too bad for a first timer ey ((:

i dedicate this to those imbecile faggots who've been calling me names coz of shit they hear.and like u claim i sleep around....its not like ur some virgin son of a bitch !who u tryina fool huh ?
yeah i am a whore ! but atleast i'm twice the man u are ! wat u got no ballz to look me in the eye ?

let me explain 2 u ppl out there who are clueless to why ppl cant shut their traps when it comes to me.

1) i choose to be myself and they've got a problem with that.
2)yes i am flirtacious...i am bitchy...i am a total slut BUT WAT THE FUCK ?? its ma effin problem
3)ppl cant stand me coz i havent changed a tit bit since they started their shit :DDDD
4)i've got a thing for lesbians and i make out with galz in clubs and they think i'm stupid though their pants get bigger during the whole process.
5)i'm not the normal fair indian gal..with a nice nose and petite body...
6)they've got a problem with me being a little oversized like they've been breast feeding me since the day i was born.
7)i am out going and frenly by nature...and so i love having frenz and they say thats bimbotic coz most of ma frens are guys..
and GOD knowz why me havin guys 4 frenz make their ballz wanna swell (yes i know weirdd rite)
8)i am open minded and i speak wat i feel..even if its not very pleasant...
9)i do get a little wasted after havin a lil too muchaa drinks but they speak like they dont know hot ta spell alcohol while they get drunk every other week and end up headin home with a bruised nose...
10)and of cause the all famous word...doke ! :D they call me a doke !! LOLL wats a doke ?? well they define it to be some cum suckin whore...and because i totally ignore it due to ma over dosage of "fukitol" pillss...they cant stand me :DDDD

but on another note...i love the attention :DD these are the ppl who gave me the rawking personality i'm walkin ard with today....coz if it isnt for these mofos i wud never experience the blissfulness of ignorance...and to actually think bout the fact tat these idiots assume i'm crushed by their nasty lil words makes me love the beauty of ma smile even more (((((((((:

Thursday, August 9, 2007

wat a bday i had.

gosh gosh was errrm.errrrmmmm........freaky !!!! i got pissed drunk my goodness!!!!yes i did ask for lotsa fun but in the end it was disastrous ! like i'm heavier than an over weight sumo wrestler and my poor poor fren jeya had to carry me home.i became cat woman all of a sudden.i literally started scratching karthik and pulling his hair.vithiyia was tired of shutting my noisy mouth.i dirtied sashi's sweater.lisa and her date had to entertain the ppl i was annoying so they'd still take me home regardless of the shit i was puttim em through....LOL!!well it wasnt as funny when it all was happening laa...a million thank yous to Stan for doing up chillies just for me.and the yummy ice cream cake made it my sweethearts who came all the way just to make it a blast.i love u all ((:

heres some of the pics.from the wonderful beginning and to how it all got contradicted.

and yess ppl this was the extremely wonderful bday i me me dumbb...this is who i am..its not bout wat u want... In your face !!


Wednesday, August 1, 2007

2dayz b4 my big day. bday's in like 2 dayz.and i'm not feeling all excited yet.and i wonder why.i love birthdays.but this yr i'm just wishin it wudnt come too many things have been happening.i'm drowning in emotions.and i think i've suffocated enuff.everythin special doesnt feel as special anymore.its all falling apart.from frenz to to life.goshh.mystery or misery ? i dont know.but the feeling aint right.i am aware that there are worst case scenarios and wat i'm going through aint nothin compared to wat ppl have experienced.but u know they say.ur own problems will alwayz seem bigger to u.

oh well.i believe its all part of growing up.and experiences makes u a better person.facing it now wudnt make it as tough for me in the future perhaps.i'm grateful to the ppl who've been by my the darling who've comforted me through it all.

so heres to the few of u guys who've not showed me the way.but walked the path along with me. ((:

my dearest daddy n mumzy.
my baby boi karthik.
my fat hottie vithi babi.
my sayang preya.
my stupid lil sista viku.
my crazy cutie jayshree.
my shortest fren vanko.

and to all of the names i did not mention.i'm sorry.i'm just listing the names which are coming to ma mind.
everyone in ma life are more than special to me.
and i love each and everyone of u guys.
*hUgzZ n MuAkzzZ*

Thursday, July 19, 2007

i'm new here.

well everyone has been speaking bout bloggin and taggin their blogs and stuffs like that.but i never had ma say coz i dint have ma blog till here i am.havent rily done a blog skin or updated much.i'll need time to learn how to design ma blog and keep it fancy.
so hope u guys dont expect much.
cheerz ya'll.